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For more information:

Runs Arduino code on a NodeMCU ESP-12 dev board for future proofing - hackspace members will be able to modify the device without too much trouble as it is standard hardware.

This is also the reason we are using ThingSpeak instead of a custom server install in the space - sometimes things can get a bit complicated for people not in the know.


Rename "keys_example.h" to "keys.h" and fill in the appropriate fields before compiling.

Additional Libraries


Schematic and PCB created in KiCad.

Gerbers as submitted to OSHPark are available in the gerbers folder (just upload the zip.) If you don't want to make any changes you can order directly from them.


The front panel was machined by Schaeffer AG and designed using Front Panel Designer (FPD). The design is also available in SVG and DXF formats (exported from FPD) both with and without reference points in the hope that they might be useful. They are handy in that the text output is in the form of a single, clean path.

What does it look like?

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