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Fightly Web Game Engine - Strategic, turn-based game engine for the Open Web
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Fightly Game Engine

A game engine for strategic, turn-based, web games. The goal is to be heavily modular, to allow a wide variety of turn-based games to be developed.


  • simple client-side interface in JavaScript
  • complete server stack using node.js and
  • based on modules

All you should have to do is find the right modules, and develop the front-end of your game.

Current state

Fightly is still in early development, most of the features are not ready. If you're interested, feel free to help! You can look at the open issues, read and comment the source code, send pull requests, or test the current version on your environment -- any help is appreciated!



At the moment, modules use the amdefine library to run on the server. You will need to install that dependency first:

$ cd fightly/modules/
$ npm install


You will need node.js and npm installed on your host first. See for example the download page of node.js or this guide to installing node and npm.

Install the dependencies:

$ cd fightly/server/
$ npm install

Run the unit tests:

$ ./runtests

Run the server:

$ node server.js


Create a link to fightly/ in your Web directory (or configure your Web server to point to fightly/) and browse to the corresponding URL. Then in your HTML document, you can chose to use either the compiled version or the development version of fightly.

There is currently nothing to see in the client, except in the logs. Open your browser's console!


Run the following command to compile fightly:

$ cd fightly/client/
$ make

That will create fightly/client/fightly.js which is a compiled version of the client source code, including require.js. You then just need to link that file from your HTML document and start using fightly like that:

<script src="fightly/client/fightly.js" data-main="main.js"></script>

In main.js:

require(['fightly'], function (Fightly) {
    var config = {};
    var F = new Fightly(config);


To use the development version of fightly, simply link to fightly/client/lib/require.js and configure require.js to have the rights paths. For example:

    baseUrl: 'fightly/client/src',
    paths: {
        'lib': '../lib',
        'config': '../config',
        'vendor': '../../vendor'
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