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<img src="ps.png" align="right" />
<p class="h1">Welcome to the RemObjects Pascal Script&trade; 3.0</p>

<p class="h2">Support</p>

<p>Support for RemObjects Pascal Script is available via our newsgroups at 
<a href="news://">remobjects.public.pascalscript</a>.</p> 

<p>You can use these newsgroups to report any problems or suggestions you might have in regards to PS, you can communicate with fellow Pascal Script users, and exchange ideas and solutions.</p>

  Updates, additional sample projects and additional third-party contributions for Pascal Script will be available on our website at <a href=""></a>.

<p class="h2">Where to go from here</p>
  To get started using the Pascal Script, please visit our extensive article library available at 
  <a href=""></a>.

<hr width="25%" align="left" style="color: black; height: 1px;"/>

<p>Thank you very much,
<br />
Your RemObjects Team
<br />
<a href=""></a></p>

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