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Adds HMAC support to Lua with multiple algorithms, via OpenSSL and FFI. Inspired from See:

Table of Contents


This library is considered production ready.


This library requires an nginx build with OpenSSL, the ngx_lua module, and LuaJIT 2.0.


    # nginx.conf:

    lua_package_path "/path/to/lua-resty-string/lib/?.lua;;";

    server {
        location = /test {
            content_by_lua_file conf/test.lua;

    -- conf/test.lua:

    -- HMAC-SHA-1
    local resty_hmac_sha1 = require "api-gateway.resty.hmac"
    local hmac_sha1 = resty_hmac_sha1:new()

    local digest = hmac_sha1:digest("sha1","secret-key","Hello world")
    ngx.say("hmac_sha1: ", digest)

    -- HMAC-SHA-224
    local resty_hmac_sha224 = require "api-gateway.resty.hmac"
    local hmac_sha224 = resty_hmac_sha224:new()

    local digest = hmac_sha224:digest("sha224","secret-key","Hello world")
    ngx.say("hmac_sha224: ", digest)

    -- HMAC-SHA-226
    local resty_hmac_sha256 = require "api-gateway.resty.hmac"
    local hmac_sha256 = resty_hmac_sha256:new()

    local digest = hmac_sha256:digest("sha256","secret-key","Hello world")
    ngx.say("hmac_sha256: ", digest)

    -- HMAC-SHA-384
    local resty_hmac_sha384 = require "api-gateway.resty.hmac"
    local hmac_sha384 = resty_hmac_sha384:new()

    local digest = hmac_sha384:digest("sha384","secret-key","Hello world")
    ngx.say("hmac_sha384: ", digest)

    -- HMAC-SHA-512
    local resty_hmac_sha512 = require "api-gateway.resty.hmac"
    local hmac_sha512 = resty_hmac_sha512:new()

    local digest = hmac_sha512:digest("sha512","secret-key","Hello world")
    ngx.say("hmac_sha512: ", digest)

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Developer guide

Install the api-gateway first

Since this module is running inside the api-gateway, make sure the api-gateway binary is installed under /usr/local/sbin. You should have 2 binaries in there: api-gateway and nginx, the latter being only a symbolik link.

Update git submodules

git submodule update --init --recursive

Running the tests

The tests are based on the test-nginx library. This library is added a git submodule under test/resources/test-nginx/ folder, from

Test files are located in test/perl. The other libraries such as Redis, test-nginx are located in test/resources/. Other files used when running the test are also located in test/resources.

Build locally

sudo LUA_LIB_DIR=/usr/local/api-gateway/lualib make install

To execute the test issue the following command:

make test

If you want to run a single test, the following command helps:

PATH=/usr/local/sbin:$PATH TEST_NGINX_SERVROOT=`pwd`/target/servroot TEST_NGINX_PORT=1989 prove -I ./test/resources/test-nginx/lib -r ./test/perl/hmac.t

This command only executes the test hmac.t.


HMAC support for Lua with multiple algorithms, via OpenSSL and FFI




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