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When building the fonts using included build script, create artifacts…

… outside of the main source tree.
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1 parent 7443559 commit dabf359b48bc31113aaa0f624db3a17eb0785e2f @ppicazo ppicazo committed Sep 25, 2012
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@@ -1,13 +1,15 @@
-# Build OTFs
-for f in $(find . -name 'font.pfa')
- makeotf -f $f -r
+weights=('Black' 'Bold' 'ExtraLight' 'Light' 'Regular' 'Semibold')
+# clean existing build artifacts
+rm -rf target/
+mkdir target/
-# Build TTFs
-for f in $(find . -name 'font.ttf')
+for w in ${weights[@]};
- makeotf -f $f -gf GlyphOrderAndAliasDB_TT -newNameID4 -r
+ makeotf -sp target/$family-$w-otf.fpr -f Roman/$w/font.pfa -r -o target/$family-$w.otf
+ makeotf -sp target/$family-$w-ttf.fpr -f Roman/$w/font.ttf -gf GlyphOrderAndAliasDB_TT -newNameID4 -r -o target/$family-$w.ttf
+ rm Roman/$w/current.fpr # remove default options file from the source tree after building

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