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Revert "Change fontWeigts variable in `` to compatible with zsh"

This reverts commit c9a8cd1.
1 parent e672095 commit a1377187cae5c15e4db5569b57d25aede5f4a1cd @miguelsousa miguelsousa committed Oct 13, 2017
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@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
#!/usr/bin/env sh
-romanWeights=('Black' 'Bold' 'ExtraLight' 'Light' 'Medium' 'Regular' 'Semibold')
-italicWeights=('BlackIt' 'BoldIt' 'ExtraLightIt' 'LightIt' 'MediumIt' 'It' 'SemiboldIt')
+romanWeights='Black Bold ExtraLight Light Medium Regular Semibold'
+italicWeights='BlackIt BoldIt ExtraLightIt LightIt MediumIt It SemiboldIt'
# path to Python script that adds the SVG table
addSVG=$(cd $(dirname "$0") && pwd -P)/

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