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Create a more condensed version of the font #12

digulla opened this Issue · 7 comments

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The current version of the font looks wider than tall. While this helps with readability, it's about 20% wider than the default Ubuntu Monospace font.

I'd like a font version which uses horizontal space more conservatively.


Ubuntu Mono is the narrowest monospace font that I've seen, using 50% of the Em space for the advance width. The typical width for a monospace font is 60% of the Em and this is the value that I used for Source Code Pro. I doubt that we will get around to creating a more condensed variant anytime soon.

@pauldhunt pauldhunt closed this

I didn't check this but you can probably answer this from the top of your head: If you have several lines of Source Code Pro and each has a different weight but the same height, will the characters still align?


You can mix all the weights of the family and they will all align vertically (because they all have the same vertical metrics).


Okay, now the empty space in the font starts to make sense. When using other monospaced fonts, the bold version doesn't align with the "normal" version.


+1 for a more condensed version. I think Ubuntu Mono's spacing is too small and seems cluttered. But source code pro seems much wider compared with DejaVu Sans Mono. I have no experience in designing fonts and maybe too picky as a user.

Great package and thanks! :)


+1 Source code pro is really to wider to me

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