Bold TTF: "CR" is mis-named "nonmarkingreturn", won't compile #19

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The TTF file for Source Code Pro Bold no longer corresponds to the GlyphOrderAndAliasDB file:

>makeotf -sp target\SourceCodePro-Bold.ttf.fpr -f Roman\Bold\font.ttf -r -o target\SourceCodePro-Bold.ttf

makeotf [Note] Converting source font 'Roman\Bold\font.ttf' to temporary Unix Type1 font file 'Roman\Bold\font.ttf.tmp'.
makeotf [Note] adding the style Bold from fontinfo keyword.
makeotf [Note] setting the DONT_USE_WIN_LINE_METRICS OS/2 fsSelection bit 7 from fontinfo keyword.
makeotf [Note] setting the WEIGHT_WIDTH_SLOPE_ONLY OS/2 fsSelection bit 8 from fontinfo keyword.
makeotf [Note] setting the OBLIQUE OS/2 fsSelection bit 9 from fontinfo keyword.

makeotf [Note] Writing options file Roman\Bold\current.fpr
makeotf [Note] Writing options file target\SourceCodePro-Bold.ttf.fpr
makeotf [Error] For TTF fonts, the GlyphOrderAndAliasDB file must preserve the original font glyph order, and use the same names as they are derived by the 'tx' tool. ../../GlyphOrderAndAliasDB.

Looking into the font with TTX, the issue appears to be that the "CR" character has been renamed "nonmarkingreturn".


Also, "nbspace" is mis-named "nonbreakingspace".

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