How to add this fonts in Mac OS, using symbolic links? #20

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i want to auto update the font when pulling new changes...

i tried this:

joe@Joe-MacMini:~/Library/Fonts $ for file in $(ls -R ~/workspace/git/Source-Code-Pro/target/*.otf); do ln -s $file; done

it created the fonts links, but the font book utility do not show them


PS: I don't know how to label this issue as a question


frankrolf commented Sep 28, 2012

You will have to re-build the fonts, after pulling new changes, using the shell script.
To make the fonts work on your system, links do not suffice, you have to copy the actual files to ~/Library/Fonts; overwriting older versions that might exist.

thank you, my question is about Mac OS indeed.... i know I have to rebuild fonts... I just wanted to avoid the step of copying using symbolic links.... too bad

thanks for your time :)

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