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I think the dollar sign ($) should have a line through it instead of just at the top and bottom of the letter s. That way it's easier to spot a dollar sign from letter "s".

One example of this is when using jQuery:
$someDiv -> jQuery var
someDiv -> non-jQuery var, but could look like one as it starts with "s"

GitHub's font differentiates between $ and s so the similarity is less obvious in the code above.

What do you think?

Ah, and obviously PHP is also very much affected.

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pauldhunt commented Sep 25, 2012

I thought that the bars extending from the top and bottom of the glyph were sufficient to differentiate it from S and s, even at small sizes. I’ll leave this issue open and we’ll hear what others have to say.

I'm using Sublime Text 2 with a font size of 9 and directwrite rendering.
Here's a bit of PHP:
PHP Code using Source Code Pro

Graphically, the dollar sign looks better how it is now.
But I think it's easier to spot if it's crossed from top to bottom.


pauldhunt commented Sep 26, 2012

The problem with crossing the $ from top to bottom is that it starts looking like a blob at small sizes.

Hey, Paul.

I'm not sure what you mean by blob.
I made the font size smaller to see but my editor won't let me go below a font size of 8.
At that size it's too small to read and still be healthy for the eyes, so I doubt any smaller sizes would be relevant.
So sizes 9 and above should take priority for how chars look.


pauldhunt commented Sep 27, 2012

See my response to
The same principles apply here, except that I’ve already stated my design rationale for the $ here.

I still think the dollar sign should have a line straight through it even if graphically it's better looking as it is now, pragmatism should win over beauty in this particular case.

But I understand it's matter of preference and in the end you have final say. It's a good font regardless of how the dollar sign looks. Ha.

Thank you.

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I pressed the wrong button, I didn't mean to close it.

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pauldhunt commented Sep 27, 2012

You can always fork the project and make a version suited exactly to your tastes :^D

That's true, but I have no idea how to build a font.
Of course I could learn, but it's not something that would interest me.

I like the dollar sign exactly how it is, and PHP is my primary language, so there are dollar signs everywhere.

I have no problems distinguishing $ and S, but that is probably aided by syntax highlighting.

I think it is sufficiently differentiated the way it is, though it did catch me off guard at first.


pauldhunt commented Nov 20, 2012

I’ll add an alternate in the next version. But the user will have to make a custom build to make it the default.


pauldhunt commented Dec 6, 2012

The latest sources (version 1.013) include an alternate dollar sign with stoke all the way through. To make this the default form, you will have to build the fonts from the sources, first editing the GlyphOrderAndAliasDB and GlyphOrderAndAliasDB_TT files so that the entries for the dollar symbols, which currently look like this:

dollar  dollar
dollar.a    dollar.a

should ultimately be changed in the left-hand entry to look like this:

dollar.a    dollar
dollar  dollar.a

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codeman38 pushed a commit to codeman38/Source-Code-Pro that referenced this issue Apr 7, 2015

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