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rsperberg commented Nov 7, 2012

I've created UFO glifs for the ExtraLight and Black weights of U+0254 oopen and pushed them to my fork.

Because oopen is just a rotated lower-case c, I simply copied the path from the c glyph, pasted it into oopen and rotated it there. I also reversed the left and right sidebearings. This I did in both weights.

Because this is a test, I committed the UFO glifs as oopen_SourceCodePro-Black.glif and oopen_SourceCodePro-ExtraLight.glif instead of simply oopen.glif in each of the UFO directories. (I presume in future that you expect me to supply any such glif file with the generic name and not including the font-weight in the name.)

With oopen in Black, I read the ttf file into TypeTool3, created the glyph, generated a SourceCodePro-Black.otf font, read that into FontForge, and then exported the single UFO glif for oopen.

With oopen in ExtraLight, I did the same thing except I started by reading the .pfa file into TypeTool3. This worked more smoothly for me.

Let me know if I'm giving you what you need, or if there's more you want to be done to accompany any new glif submissions.

(Btw, the FontForge binary that I installed crashed repeatedly when I tried doing my copy and transform operations there, so I'll stick with the convoluted workflow I describe above.)


rsperberg added some commits Nov 7, 2012

@rsperberg rsperberg Used glyph for U+0063 (eg, c) to create oopen (U+0254) in SourceCodeP…
…ro Black and ExtraLight weights. UFO glifs committed.
@rsperberg rsperberg Used glyph for U+0063 (eg, c) to create oopen (U+0254) in SourceCodeP…
…ro Black and ExtraLight weights. UFO glifs committed.

miguelsousa commented Nov 7, 2012

Hi Roger, thanks for the pull request.

A few comments:

  • Both glyphs have a lib element named com.fontlab.hintData which should be removed. I think this data is present because of the workflow you used, which involved working from the pfa file; the glyphs in this file are hinted.
  • If you can't use the ufo font, work from the pfa file rather than the ttf file. The pfa file is a Type 1 font and as such the glyph outlines are defined as cubic splines, which is the format we (and most type designers) prefer to work with. And it's also the format required for making the otf font.
  • It would be preferable if you worked with the whole ufo font rather than individual glyph files. The ufo font may look like a bunch of files and folders inside a directory with a .ufo extension, but it's actually a well documented and organized bundle of data that modern font editors recognize as a single font.
    The reason I say this is because there are a few other files (e.g. contents.plist and lib.plist) that need to be kept in synch whenever a glyph is added. In addition, there are certain rules than need to be followed when naming a .glif file (Notice for example how the glif file for A is named A_). If you work with a font editor that has native support for the ufo font format you won't need to worry about all these things. And we'll lower the risk of accepting malformed data.

Let us know if you need more guidance to address these things.


rsperberg commented Nov 13, 2012

Created UFO glif files for these 12 characters in IPA Extensions: aturned, alphalatinturned, oopen, ereversed, hturned, mturned, rturned, tturned, vturned, wturned, yturned, kturned.

In all but one case, used the latin small letter and rotated it 180 degrees. With ereversed, flipped it horizontally.

At present I don't have an editor that recognizes UFO as a single font (that is, I'm working with TypeTool3 and FontForge), so I manually edited contents.plist and lib.plist to include these 12 characters.

Did this for both ExtraLight and Black weights.

(This obviates the pull request for the two test oopen glif files.)

miguelsousa merged commit 7631178 into adobe-fonts:master Nov 14, 2012

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Consider dropping com.fontlab.hintData #2203

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