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Roman fonts version 2.010 and Italic fonts version 1.030 (OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, EOT)

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@miguelsousa miguelsousa released this 17 Jul 08:14
· 32 commits to release since this release
  • Adds italic styles to family. (issue #6)
  • Adds Powerline symbols. (issue #43)
  • Adds mathematical operators specifically requested to date. (issue #49)
  • Adds geometric shapes specifically requested to date. (issue #51)
  • Changes vendor ID from ADBE to ADBO. (issue #80)
  • Updates name table to remove full license text. (issue #83)
  • Increases length of em dash. (issue #85)
  • Adds character variants features (ccXX).
  • Adds support for some extended Latin (IPA).
  • Adds characters to fully support WGL4 standard.
  • Adds characters that were missing for Arabic and Hebrew transliteration schemes.
  • Adds a few emoji characters.
  • Adds SVG colored versions of these 13 characters: ☑​✓​♪​♫​♥​♦​☺​☻​❤​☕​💩​🤖​🔒
  • Nudges the dot accent up to prevent from collapsing in CFF fonts.
  • Adjusts design and positioning of cedillas.
  • Updates the design of the following glyphs in intermediate weights, thanks to intermediate master:
    B, M, N, W, e, g, m, w, Bstroke, Hbar, Oslash, Tbar, Eth, ae, bstroke, dcroat, eogonek, hbar, oslash, oe, eth, zero.0, zero.0o, zero.0c, e.sups
  • Updates design of ringhalfleftmod, ringhalfrightmod.

The following changes only apply to the Roman fonts:

  • Adds support for Greek and Cyrillic. (issues #48 & #85)
  • Adds alternate lowercase i with foot serifs (ss04 – stylistic set 4).