Assets 2

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  • Redesigns box drawing shades (issue #57).
  • Correctly maps forms for phi (U+03C6 and U+03D5) (issue #120)
  • Zeros widths of fraction characters in frac feature (issue #121).
  • Adds TrueType hints to box drawing characters (issue #122).
  • Adds alternates for l (lowercase L) and 1. (issue #126)
  • Corrects OpenType feature rules relating to capital figures. (issue #127)
  • Fixes final names for fi and fl ligatures to f_i and f_l. (issue #128)
  • Updates TT hinting for Block- and Quadrant glyphs (U+2080 – U+209F).
  • Adds manual TT hints to specific Box Drawing Characters for improved horizontal connection.
  • Updates the design of 1s in all styles for better character recognition.
  • Removes colored artwork from default forms of glyphs.
  • Adds IVSes for emoji representation for pictorial glyphs.
  • Removes NULL (U+0000) and CR (U+000D) glyphs from TrueType fonts.
  • Gzips SVG table documents.