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Thank You! 谢谢! 謝謝! ありがとう! 감사합니다!

First and foremost, I’d like to thank the user community for their helpful feedback from the birth of this project in mid-2014. While some issues are easier to fix than others—and are therefore deployed more quickly—some issues, due to their scope, need to be addressed in a more longer-term fashion, such as when we added Hong Kong and HKSCS-2016 support in Version 2.000 (2018), and refined it in Version 2.001 (2019). Rest assured that Adobe is committed to maintaining this typeface, and improving it with each subsequent release.

Version 2.001 Release

Version 2.001 was released on 2019-04-09. Please see the "Changes" section that starts on page 27 of the official font readme file for more information about what changes were made in this release.

Version 2.002 Update


That is all.

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