Assets 3

Add Italics (AL-3 character set, addresses #2 )

Changes to Roman styles (reflected in Italics where applicable):

  • make construction of Uhorn and related glyphs a little more conventional
  • update currency symbols for better recognizability in small sizes
  • make cap figures proportional
  • update @ swirl to be less heavy/more elegant
  • unify descender length of integral sign ∫
  • double-map various glyphs (e.g. Greek capital letter Omega/Ohm)
  • support composition of j-acute (addresses #14)
  • add contextual kerning pair for Catalan l·l combination (addresses #15)
  • add Cyrillic and Greek glyph names to PS hinting FDDict (addresses #26)
  • fix anchor consistency across masters (addresses #27)
  • add more anchors to Cyrillic small caps (addresses #30)
  • minimize some extreme overlaps (addresses #31)

Add Italic Variable fonts
Update Roman Variable fonts