Sample package for AEM6 page authoring. Creating a new Assetfinder group to load Flickr images
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Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 Extension: Add a new group to the Asset Finder to load Flickr images in the Sites Page Editor

This is a sample package showing how to add a new group to the asset finder. This example connects to Flickr's public stream and shows them in the Asset Finder.


This project uses Maven for building. Common commands:

From the project directory, run mvn clean install content-package:install to build the bundle and content package and install to a CQ instance.

Using with VLT

To use vlt with this project, first build and install the package to your local CQ instance as described above. Then cd to src/main/content/jcr_root and run

vlt --credentials admin:admin co http://localhost:4502/crx/-/jcr:root . --force

Once the working copy is created, you can use the normal vlt up and vlt ci commands.