Code samples for Adobe Experience Manager (Adobe CQ) to extend the Hybris connector (e-commerce)
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Extending the CQ Hybris connector

This project shows how to extend/customize the Hybris connector to achieve the following:

  • Parse some custom Hybris data when importing products from Hybris: MyResponseParser#parseProductData
  • Import product references from Hybris: MyResponseParser#parseUnknownProductAttribute
  • Add/update some specific product attributes in CQ when importing products from Hybris: MyImportHandler#updateProduct
  • Modify the way assets are stored in CQ when importing products from Hybris: MyImportHandler#updateAsset
  • Customize the way catalogs are imported/updated from Hybris: MyImporter#importCatalog
  • Customize the way groups are imported from Hybris: MyImporter#importGroups
  • Customize the catalog/product rollout process: MyCommerceService#catalogRolloutHook and MyCommerceService#productRolloutHook
  • Change the price of a product: MyCommerceSession#getProductPrice

Some other extension points:

  • HybrisFactory#getProduct is responsible for creating Product instances.
  • HybrisSession#getProductPriceInfo is responsible for getting the correct price for a product for the current user.
  • HybrisService#login is responsible for extracting SessionInfo from a request.
  • HybrisFactory#getSession is responsible for creating HybrisSession instances.
  • ProfileSynchronizer#syncProfile is responsible for syncing the user’s CQ profile to the respective Hybris account.
  • HybrisConnection is responsible for actually sending HTTP(S) requests to the Hybris server.
  • HybrisAuthenticationHandler(s) are responsible for authenticating HTTP(S) requests.

The project can be built and deployed with Maven.