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GC / memory management visualization and monitoring framework.
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GC / open source memory management visualization and monitoring framework. Licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0

GCview is a generic and easily adaptable visualization and monitoring framework targeted (but not limited) to memory management systems (garbage collectors, malloc/free implementations, hardware caches, etc.).
A system can be visualized by mapping its operation, data structures, heap layout, and other attributes onto GCView abstractions.

Its roots come from a similar tool known as GCspy. GCview is a new design and a completely separate code base.

The GCview core consists of three parts which can be hosted in the same place and be easily adopted in the required system:

A) Data Stream Spec - A JSON specification that defines the format of a data stream representing the state of the system being monitored over time as mapped onto GCview a bstractions. The data stream can either be written to a file for future analysis or transmitted over the network for online monitoring.

B) Visualizer – A visualizer, written in HTML and JavaScript, that interprets and displays the above data stream.

C) Data Tracking Code – C++ code that keeps track of the data needed to monitor a particular system after it has been mapped onto GCview abstractions along with facilities to export this data in the appropriate format.

The source also contains a set of example traces. Download the source and open index.html in your browser, then load a sample trace to play with GCview.

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