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Adobe Sign Java SDK


Adobe Sign SDK aims at providing an easy way to integrate the Adobe Sign RESTful web service into client applications through easy to consume client side objects wrapping the REST API functionality. This repository contains Adobe Sign’s SDK in Java to integrate with Adobe Sign v6 REST APIs.

Table of contents


For the building of Adobe Sign Java SDK, the client machine should have the following software installed:

  • OS: Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Java JDK: version 1.8 or above
  • Maven: 3.3.3 version or above
  • Gradle: 2.11 version or above

Requirements for Building the SDK

Building the API client library requires Maven for Java 8 or Gradle for Java (8 or above) to be installed.


To install the API client library to your local repository:

At first generate the JAR either by executing:

mvn package

Then manually install the following JARs:

  • target/swagger-java-client-1.0.0.jar
  • target/lib/*.jar


gradle build

Then manually install the following JARs:

  • build/libs/swagger-java-client-1.0.0.jar

Getting Started

The Adobe Sign clients need to follow the below steps in order to get started with it:

  1. In order to use the SDK, you need to have an account with Adobe Sign. Please register for a developer account here.

  2. Sign in to create an application on the Adobe Sign web portal and obtain it's application id and application secret.

  3. Generate the OAuth access token by using the above application id and the application secret. The access token will need to be generated by using the OAuth APIs.

  4. Use the generated OAuth access token for trying out the sample API code given below.

Now Please follow the installation instructions and execute the following Java code:

Sample SDK Usage

import io.swagger.client.ApiClient;
import io.swagger.client.ApiException;
import io.swagger.client.api.AgreementsApi;
import io.swagger.client.api.BaseUrisApi;
import io.swagger.client.api.TransientDocumentsApi;
import io.swagger.client.model.AgreementCreationResponse;
import io.swagger.client.model.AgreementInfo;
import io.swagger.client.model.BaseUriInfo;
import io.swagger.client.model.FileInfo;
import io.swagger.client.model.ParticipantSetInfo;
import io.swagger.client.model.ParticipantSetMemberInfo;
import io.swagger.client.model.TransientDocumentResponse;

 * This sample client demonstrates how to send a new agreement.
 * <p>
 * <p>
 * Following workflow has been implemented here :
 * <li> Call base uris api to fetch api access point to invoke further API calls.</li>
 * <li> Create a transient document and get transient document id.</li>
 * <li> Prepare agreement info and create an agreement using the transient document.</li>
 * <li> Send the agreement.</li>
 * <li> Display agreement details.</li>
 * </p>
public class SendAgreementUsingTransientDocument {

   * Entry point for this sample client program.
  public static void main(String[] args) {

    try {
      ApiClient apiClient = new ApiClient();
            //Default baseUrl to make GET /baseUris API call.
            String baseUrl = "";
            String endpointUrl = "/api/rest/v6";
            apiClient.setBasePath(baseUrl + endpointUrl);
            //TODO : Provide an OAuth Access Token as "Bearer : access token" in authorization
            String authorization = "authorization_example";
            //Get the baseUris for the user and set it in apiClient.
            BaseUrisApi baseUrisApi = new BaseUrisApi(apiClient);
            BaseUriInfo baseUriInfo = baseUrisApi.getBaseUris(authorization);
            apiClient.setBasePath(baseUriInfo.getApiAccessPoint() + endpointUrl);
            //TODO : Provide path and name of file to be uploaded as transient document 
            String filePath = "filePath_example";
            String fileName = "fileName_example";
            File file = new File(filePath + fileName);
            String xApiUser = null;
            String xOnBehalfOfUser = null;
            String mimeType = "application/pdf";
            //Get the id of the transient document.
            TransientDocumentsApi transientDocumentsApi = new TransientDocumentsApi(apiClient);
            TransientDocumentResponse response = transientDocumentsApi.createTransientDocument(authorization, file, xApiUser, xOnBehalfOfUser, fileName, mimeType);
            String transientDocumentId = response.getTransientDocumentId();
            //prepare request body for agreement creation.
            AgreementInfo agreementInfo = new AgreementInfo();
            FileInfo fileInfo = new FileInfo();
            ParticipantSetInfo participantSetInfo = new ParticipantSetInfo();
            ParticipantSetMemberInfo participantSetMemberInfo = new ParticipantSetMemberInfo();
            //TODO : Provide email of recipient to whom agreement will be sent
            //Create agreement using the transient document.
            AgreementsApi agreementsApi = new AgreementsApi(apiClient);
            AgreementCreationResponse agreementCreationResponse = agreementsApi.createAgreement(authorization, agreementInfo, xApiUser, xOnBehalfOfUser);
            String id = agreementCreationResponse.getId();
            //Get agreement info using the agreement id.
            String ifNoneMatch = null;
            agreementInfo = agreementsApi.getAgreementInfo(authorization, id, xApiUser, xOnBehalfOfUser, ifNoneMatch);
            System.out.println("Agreement ID = " + agreementInfo.getId());
            System.out.println("Agreement Name = " + agreementInfo.getName());
            System.out.println("Agreement Status = " + agreementInfo.getStatus());

    catch (ApiException e) {

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
AgreementsApi addTemplateFieldsToAgreement POST /agreements/{agreementId}/formFields Adds template fields to an agreement
AgreementsApi createAgreement POST /agreements Creates an agreement. Sends it out for signatures, and returns the agreementID in the response to the client.
AgreementsApi createAgreementView POST /agreements/{agreementId}/views Retrieves the latest state view url of agreement.
AgreementsApi createDelegatedParticipantSets POST /agreements/{agreementId}/members/participantSets/{participantSetId}/delegatedParticipantSets Creates a participantSet to which the agreement is forwarded for taking appropriate action.
AgreementsApi createReminderOnParticipant POST /agreements/{agreementId}/reminders Creates a reminder on the specified participants of an agreement identified by agreementId in the path.
AgreementsApi createShareOnAgreement POST /agreements/{agreementId}/members/share Share an agreement with someone.
AgreementsApi deleteDocuments DELETE /agreements/{agreementId}/documents Deletes all the documents of an agreement.
AgreementsApi getAgreementInfo GET /agreements/{agreementId} Retrieves the current status of an agreement.
AgreementsApi getAgreementNoteForApiUser GET /agreements/{agreementId}/me/note Retrieves the latest note associated with an agreement.
AgreementsApi getAgreementReminders GET /agreements/{agreementId}/reminders Retrieves the reminders of an agreement, identified by agreementId in the path.
AgreementsApi getAgreements GET /agreements Retrieves agreements for the user.
AgreementsApi getAllDocuments GET /agreements/{agreementId}/documents Retrieves the IDs of the documents of an agreement identified by agreementId.
AgreementsApi getAllDocumentsImageUrls GET /agreements/{agreementId}/documents/imageUrls Retrieves image urls of all visible pages of all the documents associated with an agreement.
AgreementsApi getAllMembers GET /agreements/{agreementId}/members Retrieves information of members of the agreement.
AgreementsApi getAuditTrail GET /agreements/{agreementId}/auditTrail Retrieves the audit trail of an agreement identified by agreementId.
AgreementsApi getCombinedDocument GET /agreements/{agreementId}/combinedDocument Retrieves a single combined PDF document for the documents associated with an agreement.
AgreementsApi getCombinedDocumentPagesInfo GET /agreements/{agreementId}/combinedDocument/pagesInfo Retrieves info of all pages of a combined PDF document for the documents associated with an agreement.
AgreementsApi getDocument GET /agreements/{agreementId}/documents/{documentId} Retrieves the file stream of a document of an agreement.
AgreementsApi getDocumentImageUrls GET /agreements/{agreementId}/documents/{documentId}/imageUrls Retrieves image urls of all visible pages of a document associated with an agreement.
AgreementsApi getEvents GET /agreements/{agreementId}/events Retrieves the events information for an agreement.
AgreementsApi getFormData GET /agreements/{agreementId}/formData Retrieves data entered into the interactive form fields of the agreement.
AgreementsApi getFormFields GET /agreements/{agreementId}/formFields Retrieves details of form fields of an agreement.
AgreementsApi getMergeInfo GET /agreements/{agreementId}/formFields/mergeInfo Retrieves the merge info stored with an agreement.
AgreementsApi getParticipantSet GET /agreements/{agreementId}/members/participantSets/{participantSetId} Retrieves the participant set of an agreement identified by agreementId in the path.
AgreementsApi getSigningUrl GET /agreements/{agreementId}/signingUrls Retrieves the URL for the e-sign page for the current signer(s) of an agreement.
AgreementsApi rejectAgreementForParticipation PUT /agreements/{agreementId}/members/participantSets/{participantSetId}/participants/{participantId}/reject Rejects the agreement for a participant.
AgreementsApi updateAgreement PUT /agreements/{agreementId} Updates the agreement in draft state.
AgreementsApi updateAgreementMergeInfo PUT /agreements/{agreementId}/formFields/mergeInfo Set the merge info for an agreement.
AgreementsApi updateAgreementState PUT /agreements/{agreementId}/state Updates the state of an agreement identified by agreementId in the path.
AgreementsApi updateAgreementVisibility PUT /agreements/{agreementId}/me/visibility Updates the visibility of an agreement.
AgreementsApi updateFormFields PUT /agreements/{agreementId}/formFields Updates form fields of an agreement.
AgreementsApi updateParticipantSet PUT /agreements/{agreementId}/members/participantSets/{participantSetId} Updates the participant set of an agreement identified by agreementId in the path.

Documentation for Models


Contributions are welcomed! Read the Contributing Guide for more information.


This project is licensed under the Apache V2 License. See LICENSE for more information.


It's recommended to create an instance of ApiClient per thread and per user (with baseUris fetched for user) in a multithreaded environment to avoid any potential issues.

Report Issues/Bugs

You can report the issues in the issues section of the GitHub repo.


The Adobe Sign Java Client Library for integrating with Adobe Sign REST API's




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