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The representative glyph for U+327F ㉿ (Supplement 3 CID+11688) was adjusted to conform to the specifications of this particular character, a "Special Notes" subsection was added to the "Supplement 3—Adobe-KR-3" section that describes this in some detail, and the two example fonts in the this release, now Version 1.004, were updated accordingly. The two fonts in this release were updated to Version 1.005 on 2018-09-13 to fix a 'dlig' GSUB feature bug that affected one of the pathways to U+33A0 ㎠, specifically 'c' + 'm' + '2'. The bug was that the final '2' was inadvertently '"' (U+0022 instead of U+0032). This bug was inherited from Source Han Serif, which inherited it from Source Han Sans.

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