Demo using Food Network content to showcase Web Engine features
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© 2013 Television Food Network G.P. All rights reserved. Any use of Food Network/Scripps' assets, including but not limited to all logos, trademarks, recipes, text, illustrations, instructions, images, designs, and photographs, requires a written license. For more information, please go to


This demo showcases new and coming features of the web platform. To view it, please ensure you have an appropriate browser that supports these features.

Visit this site to learn more about enabling the required features:

Notice to users: The code available on this site is governed by the Apache 2.0 license (excluding Food Network/Scripps assets). However, in order to use this code, you or your end users are required to have a valid license to Adobe Edge Web Fonts service. Use of Adobe Edge Web Fonts or any other software or service is governed under separate terms and licenses provided with such software or service. Nothing in this project grant rights to any other software or service.