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  • Bug fix


  • Added color palettes for Material and FlatUI
  • Added methods for gradients: Element.stops(), Element.addStop(), Element.setStops()
  • Fixed matrix splitting for better animation of matrices`
  • Various bug fixes
  • Better integration of tests and ESlint


  • Bug fixes.


  • Moved class and element related code into separate plugins
  • Added Element.align() and Element.getAlign() methods
  • Added animation support for viewBox
  • Added support for <symbol>
  • Added method Paper.toDataURL()
  • Added method Snap.closest()
  • Added methods to work with degrees instead of radians: Snap.sin(), Snap.cos(), Snap.tan(), Snap.asin(), Snap.acos(), Snap.atan() and Snap.atan2()
  • Added methods Snap.len(), Snap.len2() and Snap.closestPoint()
  • Added methods Element.children() and Element.toJSON()
  • Various bug fixes


  • Added .addClass(), .removeClass(), .toggleClass() and .hasClass() APIs
  • Added Paper.mask(), Paper.ptrn(), Paper.use(), Paper.svg()
  • Mask & pattern elements are sharing paper methods (just like group)
  • Added Set.bind() method
  • Added syncronisation for Set.animate()
  • Added opacity to the shadow filter
  • Added ability to specify attributes as "+=10" or "-=1em" or "*=2"
  • Fix negative scale
  • Fix for path2curve
  • Fixed shared <defs> issue
  • Various bug fixes


  • Added support for text path
  • Added getBBox method to the paper object
  • Added Element.appendTo() and Element.prependTo()
  • Added getElementByPoint()
  • Added Set.remove() method
  • Get rid of internal SVG parser in favor of the browser
  • Fix for xlink:href setting for images
  • Fix Element.animate()
  • Fix for animate and stroke-dashoffset
  • Absolute transforms fix
  • Fix for animation of SVG transformations, matrices and polygon points
  • Various bug fixes


  • Initial release