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Fix bug in keymap table, properly bind Ctrl-Up

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marijnh committed Jan 26, 2014
1 parent 98a2899 commit 5523871d2004e323d3b0e5c2e0fcd7e23d6cf212
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  1. +1 −1 lib/codemirror.js
@@ -3636,7 +3636,7 @@ window.CodeMirror = (function() {
// default. Unknown commands are simply ignored.
keyMap.pcDefault = {
"Ctrl-A": "selectAll", "Ctrl-D": "deleteLine", "Ctrl-Z": "undo", "Shift-Ctrl-Z": "redo", "Ctrl-Y": "redo",
- "Ctrl-Home": "goDocStart", "Alt-Up": "goDocStart", "Ctrl-End": "goDocEnd", "Ctrl-Down": "goDocEnd",
+ "Ctrl-Home": "goDocStart", "Ctrl-Up": "goDocStart", "Ctrl-End": "goDocEnd", "Ctrl-Down": "goDocEnd",
"Ctrl-Left": "goGroupLeft", "Ctrl-Right": "goGroupRight", "Alt-Left": "goLineStart", "Alt-Right": "goLineEnd",
"Ctrl-Backspace": "delGroupBefore", "Ctrl-Delete": "delGroupAfter", "Ctrl-S": "save", "Ctrl-F": "find",
"Ctrl-G": "findNext", "Shift-Ctrl-G": "findPrev", "Shift-Ctrl-F": "replace", "Shift-Ctrl-R": "replaceAll",

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