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Commits on Jan 23, 2013
  1. @marijnh

    Add "hide"/"unhide" events for markers

    marijnh authored
    These fire when the marker is removed/resurrected by editing and undo
    Closes #1093
  2. @yashiro1899 @marijnh

    tiddlwiki => tiddlywiki

    yashiro1899 authored marijnh committed
  3. @marijnh
  4. @dyoo @marijnh

    Removed superfluous colon; IE compatibility issue.

    dyoo authored marijnh committed
  5. @marijnh
  6. @marijnh
  7. @marijnh

    Fix inconsistencies in operation nesting

    marijnh authored
    Operating on line widgets from within an operation would cause
Commits on Jan 22, 2013
  1. @marijnh

    Remove stray conflict marker

    marijnh authored
  2. @marijnh
  3. @marijnh

    Fix b-tree visualization

    marijnh authored
  4. @marijnh
  5. @marijnh
  6. @mightyguava @marijnh

    [vim keymap] Implement scroll actions like zz

    mightyguava authored marijnh committed
Commits on Jan 21, 2013
  1. @marijnh

    [manual] Small clarification

    marijnh authored
  2. @aking @marijnh

    Fix for invalid matching symbol in vim keymap.

    aking authored marijnh committed
    When the matching symbol of a closing bracket is on a different
    line, it will match to the incorrect opening bracket. For example,
    go to and place the cursor on
    the closing brace at line 11 and press '%'.  It will incorrectly
    match the opening brace on line 4 instead of the brace on line 8.
    This patch fixes that by starting the line search at the *end* of
    the line when searching backwards.
  3. @marijnh

    Use operations for all display updates

    marijnh authored
    Stop passing 'true' as a changeset to updateDisplay, simplify a bunch
    of things.
  4. @marijnh
  5. @marijnh
  6. @marijnh
  7. @Gozala @marijnh

    Fix typo in makeChangeSingleDocInEditor

    Gozala authored marijnh committed
    `makeChangeSingleDocInEditor` was throwing exceptions because
    of the typo.
  8. @marijnh

    Fix flaky behavior when undoing after adding a mark

    marijnh authored
    The mark would disappear into thin air if it was on a line
    affected by the undo (or redo). Now it is properly preserved.
  9. @marijnh

    Implement shared markers

    marijnh authored
  10. @marijnh

    Update and reorganize docs

    marijnh authored
    Add docs for first-class document features, split API section
    into subsections to make it easier to read.
  11. @marijnh

    Implement first-class docs and linked docs

    marijnh authored
     - Move a lot of methods from the CodeMirror to the Doc prototype
     - Allow getting, attaching, and copying of Doc objects
     - Add linkedDoc to create documents that stay in sync
     - Allow such linked docs to be sub-view on their parent
     - Rewrite history handling
     - Remove the concept of a view
    Documentation still failing.
  12. @marijnh

    Bump version numbers post-3.01

    marijnh authored
  13. @marijnh

    Mark release 3.01

    marijnh authored
  14. @marijnh

    Clean up Opera setDragImage patch

    marijnh authored
    Issue #1166
  15. @peterkroon @marijnh

    Append image to wrapper

    peterkroon authored marijnh committed
    Append image to wrapper. No more appending to document.
    Works with multiple editors. Tested: 3 editors beneath each other on 1 page.
  16. @aking @marijnh

    Fix brace indenting for clojure maps.

    aking authored marijnh committed
  17. @marijnh
  18. @marijnh
  19. @peterkroon @marijnh

    Add Opera Mobile UA to the mobile list

    peterkroon authored marijnh committed
    Add Opera Mobile UA to the mobile list.
  20. @marijnh
  21. @marijnh
  22. @marijnh

    Integrate APL mode

    marijnh authored
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