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Adobe Open Source

Presenting Adobe Github Homepage v2.0, the new central hub for Adobe Open sources projects.

Allowing you to search through Adobe Github repositories, you can focus on what you are really passionate about.

  • Are you a web developer? Search the repositories only containing Javascript code, because it rocks!
  • Love doing technology watching? Order by Popularity, by Last Push or select only the 5 stars (>1k followers) projects to get the hottest repos!
  • Are you a web designer and want the perfect code editor? Search brackets and get all the repositories related to this awesome project!
  • Are you a researcher? Check out the project pushed in Open Source by the Adobe Research organization!

Adobe + Open Source = ♥

That's why we built this project on top of cutting-edge technologies like:

The Adobe Creative Cloud is also a great asset for designing and coding purposes.

Be in touch!

We hope you love this new homepage. Any feedback, ideas or bugfixes are very much welcome. Here is the Trello board on which you can add your ideas. You can also check out the wiki page to know how to update the page easily.

All this seems interesting to you? Want to start contributing to the web with Adobe?

Join the team!


Hummm... want to learn more about how all this is structured? A good sketch is better than a long speech, so here is a little schema:

Adobe Open Source schema

The information is pulled directly from the Github API and aggregated by a NodeJS server (its code source is available in this repository). It is available through an simple REST API, thanks to restify.

AngularJS then makes a unique API call to the server and inject the data on your browser, based on the Foundation CSS framework and using dc.js for the graphs. The filtering engine for the repositories was built on top of Angular.