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Content Fragment List (v1)

Content Fragment List component written in HTL that renders a list of Content Fragments. Useful for authoring headless content that can be easily consumed by applications.


  • Displays a list of a Content Fragment assets based on a Content Fragment model
  • The parent path for asset lookup is configurable
  • The list can be filtered by tag
  • The list can be ordered by an element or property - ascending or descending
  • A subset of elements in the data model can be displayed

Use Object

The Content Fragment List component uses the com.adobe.cq.wcm.core.components.models.contentfragment.ContentFragmentList Sling model as its Use-object.

Edit Dialog Properties

The following properties are written to JCR for the Content Fragment List component and are expected to be available as Resource properties:

  1. ./modelPath - path to the Content Fragment Model on which the list is based.
  2. ./parentPath - parent path from which the list should be built.
  3. ./tagNames - tag names for filtering the list.
  4. ./orderBy - an element or property to order the list by.
  5. ./sortOrder - sort order ascending or descending.
  6. ./maxItems - defines the maximum number of items rendered by the list. If not defined, all fragments matching the query criteria are returned.
  7. ./elementNames - element names for limiting the model data displayed in the result.

Client Libraries

The component provides a core.wcm.components.contentfragmentlist.v1.editor editor client library category that includes JavaScript handling for dialog interaction. It is already included by its edit dialog.

BEM Description

BLOCK cmp-contentfragmentlist


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