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Experience Fragment (v1)

Experience fragment component written in HTL that renders an experience fragment variation.


  • Can be used on both templates and pages.
  • Defines a configurable experience fragment variation to be displayed.
  • Supports references for localized content: if the component is defined in a template and if the fragment is part of a localized structure below /content/experience-fragments that follows the same patterns as the site below /content, the fragment with the same localization (language, blueprint or live copy) as the current page will be rendered.

Use Object

The experience fragment component uses the com.adobe.cq.wcm.core.components.models.ExperienceFragment Sling model as its Use-object.

Edit Dialog Properties

The following property is written to JCR for the experience fragment component and is expected to be available as a Resource property:

  1. ./fragmentVariationPath - defines the path to the experience fragment variation to be rendered.

BEM Description

BLOCK cmp-experiencefragment
  MOD cmp-experiencefragment--<name>

Note: the rendered HTML markup of the experience fragment component may contain CSS classes that start with xf- (e.g. xf-content-height or xf-master-building-block) - those classes are private and should not be used in custom code (e.g. to style the markup).


If you were involved in the authoring of this component and are not credited above, please reach out to us on GitHub.

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