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Form Button (v2)

Button component written in HTL.


  • Provides support for regular and submit buttons

Use Object

The Form Button component uses the com.adobe.cq.wcm.core.components.models.form.Button Sling Model for its Use-object.

Edit Dialog Properties

The following properties are written to JCR for this Form Button component and are expected to be available as Resource properties:

  1. ./jcr:title - defines the text displayed on the button; if none is provided, the text will default to the button type
  2. ./name - defines the name of the button, which will be submitted with the form data
  3. ./value - defines the value of the button, which will be submitted with the form data

Client Libraries

The component provides a core.wcm.components.form.button.v2.editor editor client library category that includes JavaScript handling for dialog interaction. It is already included by its edit and design dialogs.

BEM Description

BLOCK cmp-form-button


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