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bpauli and richardhand Migrate unit test to aem mocks 2.7 (#708)
- switched to AEM Mocks 2.7.0 with Content Policy Support
- removed custom content policy mapping from all model based tests
- updated dependency of AEM mocks
- migrate JUnit tests to JUnit 5
- updated copyright header
Latest commit c69fdc6 Aug 28, 2019

Text (v2)

Text component written in HTL that provides a section of rich text.


  • In-place editing
  • Rich text editor
  • Styles

Use Object

The Title component uses the com.adobe.cq.wcm.core.components.models.Text Sling model as its Use-object. The current implementation reads the following resource properties:

  1. ./text - the actual text to be rendered
  2. ./textIsRich - flag determining if the rendered text is rich or not, useful for applying the correct HTL display context

BEM Description

BLOCK cmp-text
    ELEMENT cmp-text__paragraph


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