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Title (v2)

Title component written in HTL, allowing to define a section heading.


  • In-place editing
  • Automatic reading of the page title from the current page, if no title text is defined
  • HTML element configuration (h1 - h6)
  • Linkable to content pages, external URLs or page anchors
  • Styles

Use Object

The Title component uses the com.adobe.cq.wcm.core.components.models.Title Sling model as its Use-object.

Component Policy Configuration Properties

The following configuration properties are used:

  1. ./type - defines the default HTML heading element type (h1 - h6) this component will use for its rendering
  2. ./linkDisabled - defines whether or not the title link is disabled

Edit Dialog Properties

The following properties are written to JCR for this Title component and are expected to be available as Resource properties:

  1. ./jcr:title - will store the text of the title to be rendered
  2. ./type - will store the HTML heading element type which will be used for rendering; if no value is defined, the component will fallback to the value defined by the component's policy
  3. ./linkURL - will allow definition of a content page path, external URL or page anchor for linking the title.

Client Libraries

The component provides a core.wcm.components.title.v2.editor editor client library category that includes JavaScript handling for dialog interaction. It is already included by its edit and design dialogs.

BEM Description

BLOCK cmp-title
    ELEMENT cmp-title__text
    ELEMENT cmp-title__link


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