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The PhoneGap Build extension adds support for working with your PhoneGap Build projects right from Brackets. It currently supports the following features:

  • List all your PhoneGap Build projects.
  • Initiate a build of your projects.
  • Link a local directory of code to a PhoneGap Build project.
  • Send your code to the PhoneGap Build servers.
  • Monitor the status of projects as they rebuild.
  • Generate QR codes to make installing PhoneGap projects easy.


Installing the PhoneGap Build Brackets extension is simple. Just copy the entire extension directory to the Brackets extensions/user directory, then either restart or reload Brackets.


Getting Started:

  1. Install the PhoneGap Build extension (instructions above) and either restart or reload Brackets.
  2. Click on the PhoneGap Build icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Enter your PhoneGap Build or Adobe credentials.

Managing Projects:

  1. Click on the Rebuild link to start rebuilding a project on the server. (Icons will go from gray to blue as the builds complete.)
  2. Click on an OS icon to generate a QR code that you can use to download the application directly to your device.
  3. Click on the project name to open the project page in your default browser.

Updating Projects (pushing code to the PhoneGap Build servers)

  1. Open the folder with your project's code.
  2. Click on the PhoneGap Build top-level menu and select Link with PhoneGap Build Project.
  3. Select the project from the list that you want to link with your code.
  4. When you want to push your code to the server and start rebuilding your project, go to the PhoneGap Build menu and select Send Files to PhoneGap Build.
  5. Wait for the project to rebuild, then click on the OS icons to generate QR codes you can use to install your application on your devices.


Hydration allows you to push project changes directly to your device without having to reinstall the entire application. Here's how to use hydration from Brackets:

  1. Go to your PhoneGap Build project page in your browser. (Note that you can click on the name of your project in Brackets to open the project page in your default browser.)
  2. Click on the Settings button.
  3. Check the Enable Hydration checkbox, then click save.
  4. Once your applications have rebuilt, install the new versions on your devices.
  5. From now on, after sending files to the PhoneGap Build server, you can push those changes to your devices just by restarting your application.