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Into Darkness Story #327

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Gives the Brackets Windows Shell a Dark UI

@redmunds redmunds was assigned

Open to @redmunds to merge



@redmunds redmunds merged commit 8898c72 into master
@RaymondLim RaymondLim commented on the diff
((89 lines not shown))
+ if (bigIcon) {
+ SendMessage(WM_SETICON, ICON_BIG, (LPARAM)bigIcon);
+ }
+ if (smIcon) {
+ SendMessage(WM_SETICON, ICON_SMALL, (LPARAM)smIcon);
+ }
+// Subclasses the HWND and initializes the dark drawing code
+bool cef_popup_window::SubclassWindow(HWND wnd)
+ if (cef_host_window::SubclassWindow(wnd)) {
+ InitSystemIcon();
+ // TODO: This isn't necessary contact @raylim to confirm
+ DragAcceptFiles(TRUE);
@RaymondLim Collaborator

By calling this you're telling Windows to send you WM_DROPFILES commands. Since we no longer handles drag and drop in native code, and you're not handling WM_DROPFILES commands, this has no harm but is also redundant. So please remove it.

@JeffryBooher Collaborator

This was existing code that I just moved so Glenn suggested that we remove it but there needs to be some testing around this and you are the best one to do this. Can you make this happen in another branch since this one has been merged?

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@redmunds redmunds deleted the jeff/dark-shell-ui branch

These three lines are duplicated or is it some kind of special hack to create the background bush twice in a row? :p


@MartinMa Good catch! @JeffryBooher I think one of them you meant to create mHighlightBrush but forgot to rename it after duplication.


No, mHighlightBrush is created below but this line can go away. it essentially resulted in a no op since the brush was created above and not NULL when it got to the second instance. There is no third instance.


Just for my understanding. Trying to wrap my head around this. Shouldn't UnhookWindowsHookEx be called here? Though, the problem is, that gHookData.mOldHook has already been nullified in _HookProc. But I don't see UnhookWindowsHookEx being called anywhere in the entire solution.

To quote msdn, _HookProc is continuously being called "before activating, creating, destroying, minimizing, maximizing, moving, or sizing a window" throughout the lifetime of the window.

What's the deal with this?


@MartinMa Good catch. Please take a look at #443

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Commits on Sep 17, 2013
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