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Implementing Dark Chrome

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Implementing Dark UI on Windows

Brackets' implementation of a Dark Chrome on Windows is pretty much how the Proposal stated it would be implemented with a base class cef_window which cef_dark_window and cef_host_window and cef_main_window were derived.

Object List

Name Purpose/Use
cef_window a generic window object which has features to subclass an existing HWND and has a Create method to create a new window
cef_dark_window a window object which draws a custom dark window frame
cef_host_window a window object which has an embedded cef window
cef_popup_window a window object which is a popup window created with window.create() in javascript
cef_main_window a window object which is created at startup to host Brackets

NOTE: cef_registry encapsulates all of the registry access used throughout brackets but it is just a collection of high-level APIs with no objective.


The original implementation worked well for all Platforms (XP, Vista, 7, and Windows 8) but there was one flaw -- the dreaded white stripe on multiple monitors while maximized -- brackets/5323.

To remedy this, a two new classes were added to the hierarchy to completely control the drawing -- we were still subject to whatever drawing surface Windows gave us to draw on top of to make the UI dark.

Name Purpose/Use
cef_dark_window a window object which draws a custom dark window frame
cef_buffered_dc an object which manages an off-screen device context for buffered drawing

Current State

The current implementation will check to see if the Windows DesktopWindowManager (DWM) is available. An cef_dark_window object is used to create an Aero glass surface for drawing if the DWM is installed. Otherwise, the cef_dark_window implementation is used in which will draw a border on a secondary monitor when the window is maximized.

Since XP has been deprecated it hasn't been tested that the above still works.

Implementing Dark UI on Mac

The Mac Version implements a custom titlebar and traffic lights and the various buttons in Cocoa and laid out using interface building.

Object List

Name Purpose/Use
CustomTitlebarView the top border for the Window Caption, Traffic Lights and Full Screen Button
TrafficLightsView NSview for the 3 Traffic Lights
TrafficLightsButton NSButton for an instance of a Traffic Light button
TrafficLightsViewController NSViewController impl which is used to alloc more than one TrafficLightsView
FullScreenView NSView for the full screen button
FullScreenButton NSButton for the full screen button
FullScreenViewController NSViewController impl used to alloc more than one FullScreenView

Preprocessor Defines

You can build versions of Brackets to change the behavior of the window styling

Name Purpose/Use
DARK_UI remove this define to the the OS draw everything
DARK_AERO_GLASS remove this define to draw without the DWM (Windows Only)
CUSTOM_TRAFFIC_LIGHTS remove this define to let the OS draw the traffic lights (Mac Only)
LIGHT_CAPTION_TEXT remove this define to use a more bold font for the title bar (Mac Only)