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Commits on Apr 14, 2015
  1. @abose

    Addind docs and the case where multiple regions are selected with int…

    abose authored
    …erleaved fold and unfold states and an undo or redo is done.
  2. @valtlait

    Remove extra line

    valtlait authored
  3. @abose

    Fixing stray fold icons on undo

    abose authored
  4. @valtlait

    Fix an escaping

    valtlait authored
  5. @valtlait

    Getting Started project: remove useless whitespace, fix an arrow

    valtlait authored
    In Getting Started project
    – remove useless whitespace
    – replace “an arrow” (<) with “->”
  6. @valtlait

    Fix a string

    valtlait authored
  7. @valtlait

    Fix case before semicolons

    valtlait authored
  8. @valtlait

    Rename Health Data names

    valtlait authored
  9. @valtlait
  10. @abose
  11. @abose
  12. @abose

    Merge pull request #10885 from adobe/foldPersitance

    abose authored
    fix issue#10877  Code folding is always reset after closing and reopening
  13. @abose
  14. @abose
  15. @abose

    Merge pull request #10859 from adobe/pflynn/codefolding-tweaks

    abose authored
    Code folding UI & code style tweaks
  16. @peterflynn

    Stop using supplemental Unicode arrow in the code-folding placeholder -

    peterflynn authored
    Windows may not have glyphs for it and simpler Unicode arrows don't look good.
    Use simple "..." text instead (vertically aligned so it's more like an icon
    than text).
Commits on Apr 13, 2015
  1. @valtlait

    Finnish translation, release 1.3

    valtlait authored
    Updated Finnish strings for Brackets 1.3
  2. @abose

    Merge pull request #10844 from VenessaJohansenBarrera/addHaskell

    abose authored
    Added Haskell as a language
  3. @walfgithub

    Updated by ALF automation.

    walfgithub authored
  4. @abose

    Fixing unit test errors

    abose authored
    The stray fold triangles on delete
    and exeptionthrowing issues.
  5. @prksingh

    Fixing JSHint issues that are causing the travis build to fail,

    prksingh authored
    removing some unnecessary CSS
  6. @prksingh

    Update healthdata-notification-dialog.html

    prksingh authored prksingh committed
  7. @prksingh
  8. @prksingh
  9. @prksingh
  10. @nethip

    Fixing lint errors

    nethip authored
  11. @abose
  12. @rroshan1

    Added the functionality only for state.json file and also the message…

    rroshan1 authored
    … when the file is moved to trash.
  13. @abose
  14. @nethip

    Update strings.js

    nethip authored
  15. @nethip

    Update strings.js

    nethip authored
    Corrected some misspelled strings that crept in because of a bad merge.
Commits on Apr 12, 2015
  1. @abose
  2. @nethip

    merge from master

    nethip authored
  3. @nethip
  4. @nethip
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