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Commits on May 13, 2013
  1. @RaymondLim

    update submodule

    RaymondLim authored
  2. @RaymondLim

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into improved-color-picker

    RaymondLim authored
Commits on May 12, 2013
  1. @njx

    Merge pull request #3634 from adobe/larz/quick-open-tweaks

    njx authored
    Visual tweaks for the quick open drop-down.
  2. @njx

    Merged with master

    njx authored
Commits on May 10, 2013
  1. @peterflynn

    Merge pull request #3074 from adobe/randy/cmv3-code-fix-ut

    peterflynn authored
    Unit Tests for embedded styles in inline editor (sorry for the delay @redmunds!)
  2. @peterflynn

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into randy/cmv3-code-fix-ut

    peterflynn authored
    * origin/master: (623 commits)
      code review comments
      update out of date comment
      Fix code review issues.
      Added tab to fix alignment issue in code.
      Updated by ALF automation.
      use start (not end) of selection to determine soft tab spaces
      better fix
      fix indentation
      Code cleanup.
      Close the find-in-files dialog before changing projects.
      Code review cleanup - mostly in the unittests
      fixed trailing comma build issue
      restore styles
      fix over-repaint issue when typing
      updated strings-app.js index to reflect only 'root' location
      removing unnecessary non-root language definitions of 'strings-app.js'
      cleaner fix
      Updated by ALF automation.
      Fix for issue 3723 - Tabbing on single-line character range should replace characters with tab
      update comment
  3. @RaymondLim

    Merge pull request #3776 from adobe/jasonsanjose/perf-code-hints

    RaymondLim authored
    Optimize CodeHintList DOM build
  4. Merge pull request #3784 from eztierney/iss-3614

    dloverin authored
    [JS Code Hints] Fix Issue #3614
  5. @eztierney

    Add @return jsdoc annotation

    eztierney authored
  6. @eztierney

    Fix Issue #3614

    eztierney authored
    Don't hint on function, parameter, or variable declarations.
    no hints for
    var fo// we used to pop up hints here
  7. @redmunds

    Merge pull request #3767 from adobe/jasonsanjose/perf

    redmunds authored
    Fix over-repaint issue when typing
  8. @redmunds

    Merge pull request #3719 from jeffslofish/Issue-3637

    redmunds authored
    Show correct current document in the working set after opening Brackets with sidebar closed.
  9. @jasonsanjose

    code review comments

    jasonsanjose authored
  10. Merge pull request #3740 from jodyzhang/mywork4

    dloverin authored
    add new test cases
  11. @gruehle

    Merge pull request #3774 from adobe/randy/issue-3723

    gruehle authored
    Use start (not end) of selection to determine soft tab spaces
  12. @jasonsanjose

    Merge pull request #3778 from adobe/alf

    jasonsanjose authored
    ALF Automation
  13. @redmunds

    Merge pull request #3688 from jeffslofish/Issue3131-copyable-jslint-e…

    redmunds authored
    Issue #3131 - Making JSLint errors copyable
  14. Merge pull request #3705 from eztierney/html-script-hinting

    dloverin authored
    [JS Code Hints] Html script hinting
  15. @eztierney

    update out of date comment

    eztierney authored
  16. @jasonsanjose

    use trigger instead of triggerHandler to mimic clicks. fixes missing …

    jasonsanjose authored
    …commit of code hint when pressing enter.
  17. @jasonsanjose
  18. @jeffslofish

    Fix code review issues.

    jeffslofish authored
  19. @jeffslofish
  20. @walfgithub

    Updated by ALF automation.

    walfgithub authored
  21. @iwehrman

    Merge pull request #3772 from adobe/glenn/find-in-files-cleanup

    iwehrman authored
    [OPEN] Code cleanup for FindInFiles.js
  22. @redmunds
  23. @jasonsanjose

    Merge pull request #3743 from adobe/bchin/product-specific-strings-su…

    jasonsanjose authored
    add support for product-specific strings
Commits on May 9, 2013
  1. @gruehle

    Merge pull request #3738 from adobe/randy/auto-share-code-font

    gruehle authored
    Automatically share code font
  2. @gruehle

    Merge pull request #3693 from WebsiteDeveloper/mustache-update

    gruehle authored
    Updated mustache.js to 0.7.2
  3. @redmunds

    better fix

    redmunds authored
  4. @bchintx

    fix indentation

    bchintx authored
  5. @redmunds

    Merge pull request #3759 from jeffslofish/issue-3723

    redmunds authored
    Fix for issue 3723
  6. @TomMalbran
  7. @gruehle

    Merge pull request #3750 from adobe/randy/issue-1996

    gruehle authored
    Update live dev base url placeholder text
  8. @gruehle

    Code cleanup.

    gruehle authored
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