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tag: sprint-15
Commits on Oct 19, 2012
  1. @redmunds

    Merge pull request #1882 from adobe/rlim/live-preview-unit-test

    redmunds authored
    Fix the live preview unit test failure on Mac 10.6
  2. @jasonsanjose
Commits on Oct 18, 2012
  1. @gruehle

    Merge pull request #1884 from adobe/pflynn/fix-click-focus

    gruehle authored
    Fix #1883 (Can't type into text input fields in extentions)
  2. @peterflynn

    Revert "Fixes #510: Middle-click in inline editor's chrome scrolls vi…

    peterflynn authored
    …ew & breaks editor"
    This reverts commits b07a892 & its follow-up 57cc31c.
    This was causing bugs with focusing/clicking in input fields: #1883 and #1794.
  3. @RaymondLim
  4. @gruehle

    Merge pull request #1866 from adobe/pflynn/cleanups

    gruehle authored
    Tweak label, plus small docs fixes
  5. @redmunds

    Merge pull request #1864 from adobe/pflynn/issue-1627

    redmunds authored
    Fix bug #1627 ("Go to Definition" prepopulated text doesn't work via menu)
  6. @redmunds

    Merge pull request #1875 from adobe/rlim/code-hints-for-php

    redmunds authored
    Get the html tag name from token.state.html for php documents
  7. @jasonsanjose

    Merge pull request #1877 from adobe/refs/heads/pflynn/focusedEditorCh…

    jasonsanjose authored
    Safer focusedEditorChanged event
  8. @peterflynn

    Code review fix: move XP-specific setup_for_hacking instructions into XP

    peterflynn authored
    error message that the script prints, and move check for missing argument
    before XP check to ensure that XP message doesn't print misleading paths.
  9. @peterflynn

    Code review fix: focusedEditorChange was passing wrong last arg to its

    peterflynn authored
    And add a couple more docs.
  10. @RaymondLim

    Update CodeMirror SHA

    RaymondLim authored
  11. @peterflynn

    Safer focusedEditorChanged event:

    peterflynn authored
    * Revert main-editor-swapping codepath back to how it used to work, mostly
    disentangled from focus events.
    * Don't fire focusedEditorChanged on the many times focus returns to the
    same Editor that had it last (due to window reactivation, closing a dialog,
    closing a search bar, etc.). All the current use cases for this event don't
    care about those cases. Add more detailed docs on event cases.
    * Simplify how Editor signals focus: trigger only from "onFocus" (a superset
    of the other case), and remove _internalFocus flag that was guarding against
    the overlap.
    * Don't call resizeEditor() on every editor swap just because statusbar
    *might* have been shown/hidden: only call when statusbar actually did
    change (going to/from no editor). Fixes scrolling issue in #1864.
    #1257 still isn't 100% fixed: there are at least two cases where getFocusedEditor()
    lags behind the focusedEditorChanged event: opening an inline editor; and
    moving focus from open inline editor to its host editor. These same cases -
    and a number of others - were broken before this change, however.
  12. @RaymondLim
  13. @RaymondLim

    Merge pull request #1872 from adobe/glenn/issue-1870

    RaymondLim authored
    Fix problem where _currentDocument.file.fullPath was being updated twice...
  14. @gruehle
  15. @redmunds

    Merge pull request #1867 from adobe/rlim/hint-issue-1519

    redmunds authored
    Return an empty tag info for an empty space entered inside plain text.
  16. @redmunds

    Merge pull request #1871 from adobe/glenn/fix-unit-tests

    redmunds authored
    Fix unit tests.
  17. @gruehle

    Fix unit tests.

    gruehle authored
Commits on Oct 17, 2012
  1. @RaymondLim
  2. @gruehle

    Merge pull request #1865 from adobe/pflynn/issue-1849

    gruehle authored
    Fix bug #1849 (Incremental Find doesn't clear highlight when search changes to no results)
  3. @RaymondLim
  4. @peterflynn

    * Simplify command name:

    peterflynn authored
      Delete Selected Line(s)  ->  Delete Line(s)
    * Fix several bugs in JSDoc type annotations
    * Add WinXP instructions as a comment inside setup_for_hacking.bat
  5. @peterflynn

    Fix bug #1849 (Incremental Find doesn't clear highlight when search c…

    peterflynn authored
    to no results)
    Clear selection when no results found in file. Leave cursor where selection
    used to be, which typically was the location of an earlier matching result
    from before the query was done being typed. (This seems consistent with how
    incremental search works in other editors & browsers).
  6. @peterflynn

    Fix bug #1627 ("Go to Definition" prepopulated text doesn't work when

    peterflynn authored
    activated via menu) -- There are two problems at play. First, smart-autocomplete
    only listens for key events, not programmatic or other textfield changes,
    so we need to kick it to generate results for the prepopulated text.
    Second, the results are generated asynchronously while QuickOpen's auto-"focus"
    is synchronous. That bug is not fixed here since it's related to a whole
    tangle of async issues in #1855.
    Fixing the first bug alone means that hitting Enter now goes to the correct
    result (instead of doing nothing), but that the editor doesn't auto-scroll
    to that result as soon as the search bar is opened.
    This commit also cleans up QuickOpen to use KeyEvent consts for key codes.
  7. @RaymondLim

    Merge pull request #1856 from DennisKehrig/dk/key-bindings

    RaymondLim authored
    Improved error message when trying to use a modifier twice in a shortcut
  8. @redmunds

    Merge pull request #1757 from adobe/adrock/recent-delete

    redmunds authored
    Added button to remove projects from the recent project dropdown.
  9. Merge branch 'master' of into adroc…

    Adam Lehman authored
  10. Switch to spaces instead of tabs. Cleaned up JSLint errors. Removed r…

    Adam Lehman authored
    …edundant style properties.
  11. @redmunds

    Merge pull request #1847 from adobe/pflynn/no-editor-flex-box

    redmunds authored
    Stop using flexbox in editor's parent hierarchy
  12. @peterflynn
Commits on Oct 16, 2012
  1. @DennisKehrig
  2. @RaymondLim

    Merge pull request #1845 from adobe/glenn/issue-1789

    RaymondLim authored
    Disable horizontal scrolling in working set view.
  3. @jasonsanjose

    Merge pull request #1854 from DennisKehrig/dk/issue-1526

    jasonsanjose authored
    Bugfix: run AppInit._dispatchReady AFTER loading the extensions
  4. @peterflynn

    Fixes to flexbox-less editor layout:

    peterflynn authored
    * Fix bug where hiding sidebar entirely didn't update .content left/width
    (SidebarView change).
    * Fix bug where no-editor placeholder didn't appear on launch if no open
    files were restored (EditorManager change).
    * Remove unused EditorManager._resizeTimeout & rename _updateEditorSize()
    for clarity
    * Add note in main-view.html about assumptions/requirements imposed on
    .content children's layout
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