Feature request: Allow sorting Extensions #10629

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Could you please allow sorting extensions by the number of installs (for example) ?

Equinox commented Feb 19, 2015

From what I remember, this extension by dnbard does what you're after and more.

zaggino commented Feb 19, 2015

There's an extension called Extensions Rating by @dnbard which provides this feature.


Or you can use the http://brackets.dnbard.com/ web site


Thanks, good to know :)

IMO, such a feature should be a default core extension, don't you think so?


@redmunds that's great. Thanks for sharing.


Yes, we would like to expose this in the core Brackets UI in the future. One issue is that the extension "download" counts are currently not that reliable: updating an existing extension is recorded as a new download, and occasionally bots will generate thousands of false downloads. But if we iron out some of those kinks, this would be a great built-in feature.

I see a few existing backlog items somewhat related to this -- e.g. Extension Ratings and Reviews or better Extension Download Number Reports -- but none that track it directly ...so leaving this issue open for now.


I'd like to do a big batch of extension-related improvements sometime in the next few months. There are a number of improvements on both the registry itself and how we expose it in Brackets that would be nice to have, this included.

dnbard commented Apr 1, 2015

@ryanstewart does these changes in registry will be backward compatible to registry format that Brackets are using today?
Also is there a list of what changes it will be?
I'm asking because my extension - https://github.com/dnbard/brackets-extension-rating are dependent on Registry information and I want to integrate with them as soon as possible.

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