Input fields don't work in dialogs #1243

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  1. Run this code somewhere in Brackets: Dialogs.showModalDialog(Dialogs.DIALOG_ID_ERROR, "Test", "<input type='text' />");
  2. Try to type in the input field that appears in the dialog

Result: Field gets focused, but keystrokes do nothing

There's code in Dialogs._handleKeyDown() that attempts to let input elements work, but it looks wrong. Instead of this.filter(":input") it should probably be something like $(":input").

@peterflynn peterflynn was assigned Jul 12, 2012

Confirmed fixed as part of pull request review

@peterflynn peterflynn closed this Aug 1, 2012

Tagging Sprint 12 so we remember when it was fixed


Reopening -- I just discovered that key handling still prevents you from putting useful text fields in dialogs, since some keys are interpreted as dialog-closing shortcuts. For example, in the text dialog above try typing the letter "n" on Windows...

@peterflynn peterflynn reopened this Sep 27, 2012
@peterflynn peterflynn added a commit that referenced this issue Sep 27, 2012
@peterflynn peterflynn Fix bug #1243 (Input fields don't work in dialogs). Improves on an ea…

fix that let keystrokes through to the textfield, but auto-closed the
dialog when certain chars were typed. Now we only close the dialog if the
char typed could not have been intended as text input.

Updated fix has been merged -- closing

@peterflynn peterflynn closed this Sep 27, 2012
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