Why does inline editor take so long to load? #13012

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I just downloaded this and it takes about 15 seconds after control-e-ing on a class to load the inline editor. I removed a few CSS libraries in my project to see if that helped but its still slow.

I really like the idea of this feature. How do I improve speed?

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Windows 10 - Brackets 1.8


I guess it's only when I open my whole project server side and all. Does this search all files or just those labeled .css Is caching the location of these files? I don't have any CSS in my server side code just a lot of node packages.


To clarify it is speedy if I just open the front end bit of code

petetnt commented Jan 5, 2017

Hi @chevalierc, could you post your Help -> Health Report here?

You could try ignoring third party libraries with https://github.com/zaggino/brackets-file-tree-exclude, which should improve the speed to a degree.

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