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I accidently dragged all my applications from my finder into the Brackets application. It won't let me delete these applications from Brackets even though I deleted Brackets 5 times and reinstalled it. I also tried some other methods but they didn't work. Now, the problem is that my laptop is getting super glitchy whenever I launch Brackets and it gives me an error saying that I have 30,000+ files.

screen shot 2017-01-10 at 9 01 19 pm

Expected behavior: When I deleted Brackets, I expected the application files sitting in Brackets to get deleted.

Actual behavior: This of course did not happen and the problem just stayed there.

let me know if there is more info I need to include. I am currently learning HTML but would like writing code to become more familiar with the HTML program.

I would much appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to solve this problem. :)

Brackets version 1.8.0
OSX El Capitan 10.11.6


I think all you may need to do is push the down arrow next to Applications in the sidebar on the left then select "Open a Folder" and find a folder that doesn't have anything in it.

If you want to start completely from scratch you can try clearing your cache/preferences. That should reset things so that Applications isn't your working directory.

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