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Dear Brackets Team,
I am messaging you to suggest about future updates which I bet most Brackets users want. I am a ten-year-old boy and I love programming (especially HTML and CSS), but I would love to try a different language like C++. This is a real pain as the text editor doesn’t recognise it; I can’t find any extensions that work properly either.
I love the way brackets is laid out and designed, so I would hate to start using an alternate text editor like Atom. I suggest that for future updates you program it to understand some other widely used languages. Also, you could have an online forum, where users could log in, share their ideas and ask each other questions. I hope you take this forward and consider my ideas. Please message me back for information on future updates as well.
Dominic McGreevy

petetnt commented Feb 15, 2017

I also answered this in Slack, but copy pasting my answer here for brevity:

Thanks for your feedback! While Brackets' main focus is on web technologies such as JavaScript, it should actually give syntax highlighting for other languages too, even C-like languages like C++! If the language mode doesn't change automatically, you can change it from the editors bottom right corner (where it says HTML for .html files, or .css for CSS files). Of course there's much more to programming than just syntax highlighting but at least it's something that should you help get started on other languages you want to try out. :simple_smile:

For the forum suggestion, we actually have a Google Group at!forum/brackets-dev where you can share ideas and ask questions! It isn't super active, but people do frequent it. You can use your Google account to log in. For feature suggestions and bug reports our GitHub issue tracker is a good place too:

Do ask if you have any other questions and keep on programming!

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