Allow to use JSHint instead of JSLint #1546

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Inkbug commented Sep 2, 2012

JSLint is overly strict (to my taste). Would it be possible to give an option to use JSHint instead, or customize what warnings show up (right now it is either all or nothing)?

blixt commented Sep 2, 2012

You can change JSLint behavior using settings. For example, to allow ++/--, multiple vars and assume browser globals, put the following at the top of your JS file:

/*jslint plusplus: true, vars: true, browser: true */

That said, I think Brackets (unless it does so already) should have JSLint as an entirely replaceable plugin so that you could use JSHint or anything else if you wanted to. Also, JSLint included with Brackets is an older version, so being able to update it independently of Brackets would be nice.

Inkbug commented Sep 2, 2012

Thanks - that is nice to know, but it would be nice to have JSHint built in.


redmunds commented Sep 4, 2012

The only reason that JSLint is built in is because the Brackets Team requires that all changes pass JSLint.

You can find a link to an extension that implements JSHint here:


njx commented Sep 4, 2012

Just to clarify--we definitely are interested in making linting pluggable, so instead of having JSLint built-in, you could just pick your favorite linting tool. JSLint is hard-coded for now just because it was convenient for us, but we'd definitely want to refactor it out in the future and make it just a plugin.

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pthiess commented Sep 4, 2012

Reviewed - MTB assigned to myself

hguiney commented Oct 22, 2012

JSLint is really only useful to see how much Douglas Crockford would disapprove of your code if you were pair programming with him. The fact that it is the default is making using Brackets significantly more annoying than it has to be, even for a beta. Obviously pluggability is a nice-to-have, but in the meantime I implore you to switch this out for JSHint, for everyone’s sanity.


pthiess commented Oct 25, 2012

Please vote on Trello Card #498, closing.

pthiess closed this Oct 25, 2012

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