html5 Audio object is not supported by brackets-shell #2389

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pnchen commented Dec 18, 2012

html5 Audio object is not supported by brackets-shell.
We should play some audio when an error occurs.

njx commented Dec 20, 2012

Hi pnchen--we don't include a number of HTML5 multimedia features in brackets-shell because of licensing issues. Also, from a UI point of view we generally prefer not to use audio by default as it can be disruptive. Thanks for the suggestion though.

@njx njx closed this Dec 20, 2012

Hi njx,
Could you please reference me to the licensing issue?

njx commented Dec 15, 2014

@gruehle might remember - but as I recall it was that the audio/video codecs weren't covered by a license that was safe for Brackets. (As a matter of policy, we only include components that are covered by fairly permissive licenses like MIT, BSD, or Apache, and avoid components with GPL-ish licenses.)

gruehle commented Dec 15, 2014

Correct - the multimedia features in CEF use ffmpeg, which has a GPL license when using some components. See

It may be possible to omit the GPL components and use a LGPL license, but even that can lead to issues.

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