[Dark Shell] Can't Alt-Tab while menu is open #6451

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peterflynn commented Jan 10, 2014

  1. Click on any menu bar item to open it
  2. Press Alt-Tab

Result: nothing happens (Brackets remains the current app)

Expected: in other apps, the menu closes as soon as Alt keydown occurs, and app switching begins at Tab keydown)

This isn't specific to the new "Aero" dark shell, but it is specific to the dark shell overall: older version of Brackets with the "plain" CEF window don't have this problem.

JeffryBooher was assigned Jan 10, 2014


RaymondLim commented Jan 10, 2014

@peterflynn Is this xp only issue? I can alt-tab on win 7 with Brackets menu open.


peterflynn commented Jan 10, 2014

@RaymondLim It's happening for me on Windows 7... both old dark shell (master) & Jeff's branch. Note that you have to open the menu with the mouse. If you open it with the keyboard it won't repro.

I think this basically has to do with whether the menu bar gets focus when the menu is opened. E.g. in Notepad I can click the File menu and then use the up/down keys to move the highlight. In Brackets, the up/down keys do nothing in that case; they only work if the menu was opened via the keyboard.


JeffryBooher commented Jan 10, 2014

This is intermittent for me but it works most of the time. We must be eating a message somewhere that we shouldn't be eating.


peterflynn commented Jan 10, 2014

Hmm, you're right: I've gotten it into a working state a few times now. But for me it seems to not work at least as often as it does work...

JeffryBooher added this to the Brackets 1.0 milestone Mar 18, 2014


peterflynn commented Apr 23, 2014

Reviewed - not critical for 1.0, removing milestone

peterflynn removed this from the Brackets 1.0 milestone Apr 23, 2014

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