CSS image preview is not updated when image file on disk changes #6470

couzteau opened this Issue Jan 10, 2014 · 1 comment


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  1. open a CSS file and add a rule and a style that references an image:
.test {
background-image: url(screenshots/quick-edit.png);
  1. replace the image on disk with a different image.
  2. hover over over CSS rule
    Bug: preview still shows the old image

The preview stays stale until Brackets is restarted

@couzteau couzteau was assigned Jan 13, 2014
njx commented Jan 13, 2014

Medium priority to @couzteau. Simple fix would be to add an always-changing cache-busting query param, but that would mean we would load the image every time. Better would be to add a cache-busting query param to the img tag in the hover preview, and then change the value of the param when we detect the file has changed via our file watchers.

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