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Add Debian package to Ubuntu software centre #6504

isaacrg opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Would it be possible for the Brackets Debian package to be added to the Ubuntu Software Centre, enabling readily available updates, and readier availability?

I am willing to upload the packages to the software centre, but I was wondering whether I would be permitted to upload and manage the packages for distribution on the Ubuntu Software Centre

@ingorichter ingorichter was assigned

That sounds great! @ingorichter - what's our policy with this kind of thing - do we have official maintainers for the various distros? Could you figure out what to do with this request? Thanks.

/cc @jasonsanjose in case he has an opinion as well.


This is a great idea to add Brackets to Ubuntu software centre.
We don't have official maintainers for the different distros. A couple of people had shown interest in creating the packages for different distros, but since we are not providing the official deliverables in a "raw" format, it's a little bit of work to re-package. I only know of the ArchLinux package, which will end up in their official repository.


@ingorichter At this time, Ubuntu Software Centre isn't accepting new free apps, as they re-code the software centre service. When done, I will update this issue, and commence uploading.


@isaacrg Thanks for letting me know. I'm looking forward for your update on this.


Closing in favor of #7237, which has more up to date info

@peterflynn peterflynn closed this
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