High CPU usage when installing extensions on Mac OS X 10.9 #8479

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High CPU usage when installing extensions on Mac OS X 10.9 Retina.
That's no matter how many extensions I've installed.
When Brackets is connecting to the server whether successfully or failed, the Brackets Helper and WindowServer of Mac OS X consumes a lot of CPU, and makes my Mac very hot...
The case occurred only when the installing dialog is displayed.

screen shot 2014-07-22 at 12 52 39 am


@justmao945 How long does the "Install Extension" dialog stay visible?

It also looks like you have a lot of extensions installed. Any number of them could be interfering with extension installation (#8445 hinted that maybe "Extensions Toolbar Reposition" can cause problems like this). Try this as a test:

  1. Help > Show Extensions Folder
  2. Rename 'user' to 'user_old'
  3. Quit & re-launch Brackets
  4. Try installing another extension

Do you still see the problem in that case?

(To restore to your original configuration, delete the new 'user' folder and rename 'user_old' back to 'user' again).


Another possibility is that your Mac has some weird graphics issue where the 3D spinning "[ ]" indicator is causing high CPU/GPU usage. I'll try to think of an easy way to test that theory, if the steps above don't help...


I've tried and still have the same problem.
Yes, I agree with you, the "[ ]" indicator may be the killer to my CPU, it becomes hot only when the "[ ]" indicator is playing. My connection to amazon AWS is not fast enough, so Brackets keeps the updating window open and playing the "[ ]" indicator for a while when I install some extensions, then my macbook becomes very hot...

@ingorichter ingorichter was assigned by dangoor Jul 28, 2014
dangoor commented Jul 28, 2014

@ingorichter is going to test the CPU usage of the [ ] indicator on his 10.9 retina Mac.

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