Switching from Replace to Replace in Files clears all input fields #8531

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  • Open a document and invoke replace
  • Type something to replace and replacement values in the corresponding input fields
    NOTE: be sure the type something that isn't found in the currently opened document
  • switch to replace in files
    ==> input fields are cleared

I realized that I intended to invoke replace across files instead of just replace in the current document and switched then had to re-enter everything i had typed before. Not sure how common that is but it's definitely a nice to have.

Also occurs when switching between find and find across files.


@JeffryBooher I'm only seeing the second field (replace with) getting cleared. The first field should copy over the search query value (there's specific code to do that).

Find in Files works fine for me (since only the query field is present, and that value is copied).

Could this be specific to your branch maybe? Or caused by an extension you have installed?


@peterflynn do you have a selection in the document? I think it populates the search for field with whatever is selected in the document. In my case, i typed it in (or rather copied and pasted it from a web page) so it wasn't found in the current document. That's when I realized I was searching in the current document because it told me there were 0 occurrences in the current document.


Aha -- good catch. So the bug only happens (a) when starting from the "in Files" variant, or (b) when the text you entered has no matches in the current document. Looks like a regression caused by the FindBar stuff that landed in 0.41.

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@JeffryBooher JeffryBooher self-assigned this Aug 21, 2014

I'll take a look for the release.

dangoor commented Aug 25, 2014

Reviewed. Not a blocker for 0.43, but in for 0.44.

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FBNC to @JeffryBooher

@redmunds redmunds assigned JeffryBooher and unassigned redmunds Oct 21, 2014

Fixed confirmed. Closing

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