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Bezier-curve editor point dragging constraints are broken #8546

redmunds opened this Issue Jul 24, 2014 · 6 comments

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Bezier-curve point dragging constraints are broken. I can repro in Release 0.41, so this is not a recent injection. Should only be constrained horizontally, not vertically.

Recipe 1:
1. Start with something like transition-timing-function: cubic-bezier(.87, .07, 0, 0);
2. Open bezier curve editor
3. Try to drag a point vertical above 1.5 or below -0.5

Results 1:
Drag is stopped at editor boundary

Expected 1:
Should be able to drag vertically outside of inline editor

Recipe 2:
4. Drag point very quickly to the right/left outside of grid.

Results 2:
Depending on where mousemove events are fired, the horizontal value may not go all the way to 0 (on left) or 1.0 (on right)

Expected 2:
Horizontal value goes all the way to min/max

Adobe Systems Incorporated member

@redmunds Should we mark this for milestone 0.42 then?


I can repro in 0.41, so not a recent injection. These are fringe use cases, so I don't think it's important for 0.42 . Set Milestone 0.43 to remind me to take a look.

@redmunds redmunds added this to the Release 0.43 milestone Jul 24, 2014
@redmunds redmunds self-assigned this Jul 24, 2014

I thought the behavior was originally as I described here, but this is how it has worked sine it was merged into master. I must be thinking of a prior version. Closing.

@redmunds redmunds closed this Jul 30, 2014
Adobe Systems Incorporated member

@redmunds Well, at least Issue 2 should be fixed, shouldn't it?


@SAPlayer It's kind of hard to hit -- you have to be moving point around and then move left/right very fast to jump outside grid. But the fix isn't that hard -- just need to listen for mouse move in entire editor and properly filter events by mouse position. Let me know if you want to try to fix this and I'll re-open this issue.

Adobe Systems Incorporated member

@redmunds You can leave it closed. I tried fixing it, but it's actually more difficult than I thought.
The problem is that we don't know which point is dragged when the cursor's outside the BezierEditor.

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