[Smoke Tests] Failure Step 18: Missing JS code hints #8551

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redmunds commented Jul 24, 2014

I cannot repro in 0.41, so this seems to have been introduced recently.

In Smoke Tests, I am seeing a failure in Step 18. I am getting generic text hints, not hints for JS String Object. Even after saving temp.js file.

Workaround is to switch to another file and back to temp.js.

@redmunds redmunds added this to the Release 0.42 milestone Jul 24, 2014


RaymondLim commented Jul 24, 2014

git bisect points to this commit 71a6dfc.

@redmunds So it's yours.


dangoor commented Jul 25, 2014

I just tried a quick experiment. I rolled Tern back to c7df88aae3c77e43a7d1ac52c80ec782454745f4 and Acorn back to b1623b10c13225ae64cf68315960fb8118463efa while using the current code on master. I see the same failure, so it would appear that the problem is not in Tern or Acorn.


dangoor commented Jul 25, 2014

The problem is here:

- } else if (!preventPartialUpdates && session.editor.lineCount() > LARGE_LINE_COUNT &&
+ } else if (!preventPartialUpdates &&

Since all of the terms in that conditional were anded together, removing the LARGE_LINE_COUNT check caused the other parts of the conditional to fire. What we're probably angling for is to remove that branch of the if entirely. But, I'm wary of trying that out this late in the game. So, my suggestion would be to put the LARGE_LINE_COUNT part back in there.

What do you think, @redmunds?


redmunds commented Jul 25, 2014

@dangoor Yes, that fixes it. I had that logic reversed. I restored it and also bumped up the size in #8561 .


dangoor commented Jul 25, 2014

Fixed by reporter, so I'm closing this.

@dangoor dangoor closed this Jul 25, 2014

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